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Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • All submissions must be reviewed and approved by a member of the Mar♥Maker staff. You will receive a notification when your listing is approved.
  • Events and shops listed in Mar♥Maker must provide booth and/or shop space for makers of handmade items.
  • Festivals that are strictly food and/or music festivals should not be listed on Mar♥Maker.
  • Farmers market listings are fine as long as they allow arts/crafts booths.
  • Contact information is protected so you should not be dooming yourself or others to spam by listing contact information here.
  • Trade shows dedicated to products useful to artists & crafters (e.g. bead & button shows, gem & rock shows) should be listed under the Trade Show category.
  • Supply shops should be listed under Supplies. Big box craft stores should not be listed in Mar♥Maker.

Handmade Markets Categories

  • Art Fair – This type of market only accepts fine arts makers. These shows are very restrictive, and always juried.
  • Arts & Crafts Fair – This market type accepts a variety of art and craft makers. These shows are handmade-only, but still less restrictive and are only sometimes juried.
  • Craft/Vendor Fair – This type accepts both handmade makers and direct sales vendors. These shows are usually not juried.
  • Street Fair/Festival  – The primary purpose of this type of market is usually not for arts & crafts, but to celebrate something else. Arts & crafts makers are often secondary. These shows are sometimes juried and often allow commercial vendors.
  • Farmers Market – Showcases local producers & growers of farm to table and other hand crafted items. These markets usually have weekly booths available through the warmer seasons.
  • Flea Market – These events allow merchandise of all sorts, from vintage pieces to mass-produced goods to handmade items.
  • Renaissance Faire – A period-themed event featuring vendors, entertainment, and food slanted towards a particular time period, usually medieval/renaissance.

Shops and Galleries Categories

  • Boutique – A shop with a variety of (mostly) handmade items. Boutiques generally take items on consignment or buy directly from makers.
  • Gallery – A shop whose primary purchase is to display and sell fine art to collectors. These are generally curated to feature specific artists on a rotating or special basis.
  • Artist Cooperative – A shop that is a cooperative effort of multiple artists to display and sell their work in a central setting.
  • Antique/Vintage – A shop where the primary purpose is to sell antique or vintage items. These items may include refurbished and repainted vintage pieces and other upcycled items.
  • Craft Mall – A shop where space is allocated to makers and a monthly space rental fee is charged.  These are sometimes combined with antique/vintage malls.
  • Supplies – A shop where makers can purchase raw materials and other supplies. This is for the independent local store and not the big box stores. Mar♥Maker is about shopping local and shopping small.

Handmade Makers Directory Guidelines

  • Only handmade makers are allowed to create and maintain listings in the Handmade Makers Directory. 
  • The address field is required; however, the street address portion of it will not be viewable on the site. If you are not comfortable using your actual street address, you may use the address of a local business, school, church, etc. as long as it is in your city. This allows for your city to still be found for those searching for handmade makers in a particular area. 
  • Direct sales vendors may NOT create a listing in the Handmade Makers Directory. There are profile fields in the My Account area specifically for direct sales vendors and their information can be viewed on the Member List