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Website Rules

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    Welcome to the Mar♥Maker forums. This is intended to be a friendly community for handmade makers, show organizers, and shop owners to connect with one another.

    There are a few ground rules:

    1. Respect one another. No trolling, hate speech, or attacks are allowed. No talk of politics and/or religion. This is a diverse community comprised of people of varied beliefs, and this sort of talk can quickly devolve into personal attacks.
      • Posting information on handmade markets hosted by churches is, of course, acceptable
    2. No selling or advertising allowed. Affiliate links in posts and signatures are considered selling.
      • Links to websites run by the individual maker may be posted in forum signatures
      • The only exception to this is for selling display (canopies, tables, merchandise displays, counters, gridwall/slatwall (and accessories), etc.) components that you are no longer using.
      • Posting pictures of your work to show off or look for feedback is NOT considered selling.
    3. No uploading or posting of malicious files (viruses, hacks, malware)
    4. No Spamming. Spam posts will be deleted and spam accounts will be banned.
    5. Do not post in ALL CAPS. That is considered yelling. Caps may be used for emphasis.
    6. This is a publicly-viewable forum. Do not post any personal information that you don’t want publicly known.
    7. No posting of gratuitous pornographic or violent content.
    8. No posting of copyrighted content unless you are the copyright holder. Posting of memes and meme-like content is OK as long as it complies with the overall posting rules of the site.
    9. Certain types of posts should have the following abbreviations before the post title:
      • TP: Trading Post – Trading Post topics should be made in the State/Region forum that you are looking to buy or sell display items (See Rule #2)
      • LFS: Looking for Show – Posts for handmade makers that are looking for upcoming markets
      • LFV: Looking for Vendors – Posts for markets looking for vendors (handmade and commercial)
      • LFC: Looking for Handmade Crafters – Posts for markets looking for handmade makers only
      • NSFW: Contains content that may not be suitable for viewing at work. Content that violates any of the rules (especially Rule 7 is not allowed even with this tag)
      • SPOILER: Contains spoilers for an upcoming show, book, movie, etc.
    10. State/Region/City Forums: The Handmade Markets directory has listings of markets, but there is information that it cannot give easily. These forums exist to fill that gap. Posts in these forums should be on the following types of topics: 
      • Markets that are listed in the directory that are trying to fill vendor slots
      • Makers/vendors looking for markets that have slots left to fill
      • Makers/vendors looking for advice on markets to do in their area
      • Buy/sell booth & display-related items only. (These posts should be prefaced with “TP” or “Trading Post”.)
    11. Mar♥Maker assumes no responsibility or liability for sales facilitated via any Trading Post topics. If you are selling something to someone you don’t know, always be careful.

    These rules apply to the forums, comment sections, and any other community areas of the site.
    Please contact the staff immediately if you are receiving spam or harassing messages through the private messaging system on the site.

    Violation of these rules may result in removal of posting privileges up to and including a full ban from the website. Spammers will receive an immediate ban.

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