Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Spring events have been cancelled, and we anticipate this will be true for most of the year. We will be adding more events soon, but please be sure to check with event coordinators to see if the event is still going on as planned.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need another directory?

Mar♥Maker is more than just an events directory. We aim to be the largest community of handmade maker, shop, and event listings online. We don’t allow events and shops that do not offer space to handmade makers. When you use Mar♥Maker’s directories, you will know that you are looking at maker-oriented venues.

Do you charge a fee to use this service?

Not at this time. We would like for this site to remain free for users and supported by advertising & affiliate income for as long as possible. It may become necessary in the future to charge for access.

Why do I have to register to see detailed event listings?

Mar♥Maker is at its core a community. By registering, you become a part of a community that is stronger together than apart.

You don't have many events. Why just Indiana?

We had to start somewhere, and being based in Indianapolis, it made sense to start here. Because we are a free-to-use directory, we rely on you, the artists and show organizers, to add listings to the directory and make sure it grows into the most comprehensive online directory of art-related events.

Can I submit events outside of Indiana?

Absolutely! We ultimately want to cover maker-oriented events and shops across all 50 states.

Why do you call everyone Makers? Other sites have "artists" and/or "crafters".

Many people have an image of an “artist” as someone working in a studio creating paintings or sculpture and a “crafter” as someone wielding a hot glue gun (not that there’s anything wrong with a hot glue gun). Makers indicates that handmade items are being made whether that is fine art or items traditionally considered craft.

What types of events & shops are listed on Mar♥Maker?

Mar♥Maker allows events & shops that offer booths or display space to the makers of handmade items, either fine artists or crafters. Events can include art fairs, craft bazaars, farmers markets, renaissance faires, and festivals while shops can include vendor/craft malls, galleries, and curated boutiques.

Do you accept listings from shows that allow direct sales vendors?

While direct sales is not what Mar♥Maker is about, many craft shows do allow direct sales vendors along with handmade makers. So, yes, we do allow listings for craft shows that also offer space to direct sales vendors.

Do you offer online shop space to artists?

At this time, Mar♥Maker is committed to building the directory and community of artists and show organizers. There are no plans at this time to offer online shop space to artists. Some alternatives include Etsy, Artfire, and Zibbet.

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