The Not-So-Secret Society

by | Aug 9, 2019 | General | 0 comments

You know you’ve seen them. All of the blogs and pins devoted to “making money by selling at craft shows”, but it often seems as though actually finding those shows requires membership in a secret society! 

Sure, there are the big art, craft, and festival directories, but they have a few primary issues. 

  1. They are full of events that don’t actually offer space to handmade makers 
  2. They are missing most of the smaller, local events with lower entry fees
  3. They charge a membership fee to access, so a maker is paying a fee to access a national directory of fairs, festivals, and art & craft shows 

Let’s be honest. How many of you are doing shows regularly that are more than 30-50 miles from home? That cost more than $25-$75 in entry fees? 

Well, no more! 


Introducing Mar♥Maker, Your Not-So-Secret Society


I’m happy to finally unveil this new directory and community for art and craft makers of all levels. Mar♥Maker is the result of over two years of planning, overthinking, procrastinating, several name changes, more overthinking, several site redesigns, and finally getting it together. 

The ultimate goal of the Handmade Markets directory is to cover as many local art and craft fairs as possible in the United States, including church bazaars, school craft shows, art fairs, festivals, and fairs that offer booth space to handmade makers


What you will find here: 


  • Handmade Markets directory – listings of arts and craft events that offer booth rental space to handmade artisans
  • Shops & Galleries directory – listings of shops and galleries that offer either space for rent, showings, or consignment opportunities for handmade makers
  • Handmade Makers directory allows makers to show off their work and link their listings to events and shops where they are showing their work
  • Shoppers can easily search the directories to find places to buy handmade goods 
  • Events that allow direct sales/commercial vendors to rent booth space are clearly marked as such 
  • No membership fees to access the directories, community spaces, or to add listings. Upgraded listing packages are available for a fee. You will need to be logged in to see much of the information on the listings, but registration is FREE. 
  • A community! Mar♥Maker is an online directory, but at its heart it is envisioned as being a community where all handmade makers can come together and help one another out with advice, support, and friendship. 


Currently, I am working on filling the directory with events in Indiana, mostly centered around Indianapolis as this is the area I’m most familiar with. Caeyas is a good friend of mine and is working on launching the Wisconsin portion of the directory. 

Whether you are a career artist traveling the country or a local artist/crafter on the local school & church craft fair circuit, I hope that you can find both quality events and a place in the community here.